Japhet Creek

A journal of the restoration project for Japhet Creek in north Houston, TX.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Goals and Harris County Flood Control

Some initial goals for the project:

erosion control (perhaps through native grasses and trees) especially on the north side near the sewage line that's lost a lot from the fallen tree

creating paths to the creek
clearing out trash
creating bridge
increasing the diversity of the plant life

I spoke with Ralph Taylor from Harris County Flood Control. He had trouble finding it on his maps initially and wasn't originally sure that it was under their jurisdiction. He said rather than serving as a ditch that the county had created, it was probably a natural stream. When I told him a little of the history of the the creek, he sounded excited and said that preserving some of the history of the place might make use eligible for TX Parks and Wildlife Grants. He also said that Harris County Pollution Control could send out County inmates to clear out the larger pieces of metal, tires and concrete. We'd have to get into the queue, but he said it's a resource for the project. I wasn't sure how much we wanted the creek restoration project to get out and how comfortable you'd feel having inmates work on the property. The other problem would be access to the large materials. Ralph overall sounded excited about the project and it seemed that he wanted to help out more than getting the whole department involved. He is going to send a package to me with information about erosion control plants as well as contacts for Buffalo Bayou Preservation Society.

I believe one of the next steps is to get the survey out to people within the neighborhood and other interested parties so that we can start to see how people want to help out with the project. I'll work on it and post it here or send it to you email address.


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