Japhet Creek

A journal of the restoration project for Japhet Creek in north Houston, TX.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Buffalo Bayou Partnership and Bayou Preservation Society

I talked with Scott Barnes from the Bayou Preservation Society about the creek. He said that they could conduct an inventory of the organisms currently in the creek. He suggested it because they've seen sightings of beavers from the mouth of the creek. The beavers had young and he wanted to make sure that we were aware of any dams so that the workers hauling away the trash wouldn't disturb them. He said that the exec director of BBP, Anne Olsen, had talked to him this same day about exploring making that section of the creek one of their next projects. He also said that after the trash was hauled out that the next phase of the project could be an inventory of the canopy and making recommendations to increase the diversity of the flora and fauna. He said that he'd attend the meeting on Jan. 21st.

I also spoke with Eric Ruckstuhl from the Bayou Preservation Association. He said that this project would be a good candidate for forming a second team for the Harris county Pollution Control. He said that he'd attend the meeting on Jan. 21st as well.

Overall, it's looking like the first phase will involve cleaning the creek of trash. The next step will involve creating paths along a section of the creek with a way of getting across the creek. Afterwards, the next step is working to restore the stream current through earth moving, daylighting, and plantings along the banks. These steps will help to attract the wildlife to the area.


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