Japhet Creek

A journal of the restoration project for Japhet Creek in north Houston, TX.

Sunday, February 13, 2005


For the last few weeks, I've been checking on the wax myrtles and yaupon hollies that Jim, Eileen, Michele and I had planted at the washout area. Until yesterday, about 6 of them had survived and though not grown much above the ground had remained green. When Michele and I went yesterday to plant some wildflower seeds, we found that the soft ground above had given way and the plants were now covered by about a foot of soft clay. We went ahead and sowed the wildflower seeds in hopes that it would provide some erosion control. The seeds were a mix from Native American Seeds , the drainfield mix which is suitable for wet environments such as this one. It contains the following wildflowers:
Clasping Coneflower
Cutleaf Daisy
Scarlet Sage
Plains Coreopsis
Illinois Bundleflower
Black-eyed Susan
Pink Evening Primrose
Maximilian Sunflower
Obedient Plant
Pitcher Sage


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