Japhet Creek

A journal of the restoration project for Japhet Creek in north Houston, TX.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Work Day Success!

The first workday completed successfully. We had over 15 volunteers who gave their Saturday mornings to help clean up Japhet. Together we hauled out approximately 80 bags of trash and over 1000 pounds of scrap iron. We cleaned around the Emile Stree bridge and about a hundred feet from the Clinton box culvert. Volunteers had fun while talking with interesting folks and munching on hotdogs and chips at day's end. Although much of the heavy items remain such as large slabs of concrete, tires and scrap metal, the cleanup efforts have had a visible effect. On Monday, Alan Atkinson donated the use of his backhoe and two workers to haul away the many tires near the Emile St. Bridge. Through their work, over 250 tires will make their way to a recycling plant and out of the habitat of birds, turtle, frogs, and rabbits.

Special thanks to Jimmy Pryor and Sunbody Hats for donating large nylon bags for hauling massive amounts of chip bags, plastic bottles, and scrap clothing. A huge thanks to Alan Atkinson of Bayou Vista, Ltd for the donation of his backhoe and the labor of his workers for two days. Over the course of three days, they pulled over 250 tires from the banks of Japhet Creek near the Emile Street bridge.


At 4/26/2005 06:20:00 AM, Anonymous Christy Rice said...

What happened on April 9th? Have you scheduled future work days?

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