Japhet Creek

A journal of the restoration project for Japhet Creek in north Houston, TX.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Work Days

We've scheduled the first workdays for the project on Mar. 19th and April 9th. We'll begin at 8 and work until about 1 pm. Jim is working with the 5th Ward Super Neighborhood Council on getting a dumpster delivered to the site. I've applied for trashbags, gloves and goggles for the workday with Sonia at Keep Houston Beautiful. We would need to pick them up on the friday before and return them on Monday. We also need to fill out a score card for the cleanup day to give to KHB.

Jim and I need to iron out the plans on the bathrooms as well as drinks and possibly food afterwards. We'll probably need a registration table with a big sign as well. People will need to fill out the waivers, which Jim is working on. We'll probably base them on the KHB ones.

On Friday Mar. 4th, Jim and I are meeting with Eric Ruckstuhl from the Bayou Preservation Association for him to train us on removing non-native invasive from the creek. We'll work on that at the same time as the cleanup in order to remove some of the understory which might get in the way of volunteers cleaning up. It will also set the stage for the reintroduction of native species.


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