Japhet Creek

A journal of the restoration project for Japhet Creek in north Houston, TX.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Oct. 23rd Restoration Day

We had another fabulous day of weather for the last restoration day at Japhet Creek. Nine volunteers pulled out 17 bags of trash and unearthed 16 tires. We also planted a chile pequin plant next to the bald cypresses from last week. Both will provide habitat and food for the wild life in the area. As we were working last week, I thought about legacy. The work that we're all engaged in with the creek will not only help the habitat of local animals, but will create a legacy that young people now can enjoy in the future. A time will come when people stopping by the creek will never know that had been a dumping ground for decades.

Joe Icet from the Last Organic Outpost and I had spoken about the relationship between the creek and the gardens. He referred to a web site Wild Farm Alliance which examines the positive impact on commercial farming from wild areas. The creek and garden may be experiencing some of that effect. As late as September, people along the creek reported seeing fire flies. This activity is somewhat rare so late in the year. As I speculated on it with a friend, it may be that creek provides some of the moist and cool habitat for the larva and the garden attracts a greater variety of insects which the firefly larva feed upon. This last September was one of the hottest in recorded history for Texas which might also have to do with the lengthened season for fireflies.


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